Task Giver List

The new Task Giver list seems to try and resolve the complaint of tasks being removed from the task list prior to discovery. While slightly useful, it really clutters up an already long list of items. It is also placed above "Buildings" which is one of the key functions of that tab. Jumping back to the garage happens often in game, and this is a quick method to access it. If it remains, can it be moved to the bottom of the tab? Or even better would be the option to collapse sections of the tab, but that is probably a bigger request.

(Not going to get into the bigger argument regarding the previous and current versions of the task system. 😀 )

The idea of the current tasks system is that tasks are displayed in objects list so you can find a list of tasks that need to be activated. Once activated - tasks will be moved from objects to tasks list.

@esorokin Thank you for the clarification regarding the Task Giver list. Currently, it is not operating as you noted. Tasks are appearing in both lists once activated. They are only removed from the Task Giver list once completed (and Tasks as well).

I'm inclined to agree with @Ryzyn here. While I think it's a good idea to separate active tasks and task-givers into different lists - the "Objects" tab list is already very crowded. Why not just have two separate headings bother under the existing "Tasks" tab list? Tasks is almost empty since you stopped task-givers appearing on it. Seems silly to have one tab almost empty while another requires pages of scrolling to see everything.

Current Task giver list is located in wrong category.
Now, to return to my garage, I have to scroll through all long task giver list, that is very uncomfortable.
@esorokin Please move it to task category.

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@esorokin I dont understand why you guys decided to mess with this feature. The tasks were perfectly fine pre 5.1 update. You had a transparent note icon next to the inactive ones, and a white note icon next to the active ones. It kind of seems pointless to have a task giver and a separate tab for tasks. Just put all task on the task tab and be done with it. The change in 5.1 only changes the game for the worse.

If its not broken, don't "fix" it...