Siora, Our companion?

One of the article give us a name Siora, Daughter of Magic Clan. I wonder if she is companion or just someone we only met in early game.

Don't expect any news until E3 I'd say.

@red-leader I expect opinion/theory from player too.

We can speculate all day but it doesn't change the fact we won't know anything for a few months.

@red-leader you're probably right, makes me sad just thinking about it. I'm trying to beat Pillars of Eternity, Bound by Flame, Bloodborne, Dragon Age Inquisition (Still gotta do Trespaser DLC), and Mass Effect Andromeda so at least I'll be busy and the time will go quick. I usually don't let games pile up like this, but I got overwhelmed with schoolwork.

Is Siora the girl in the trailer?

You'll have to translate this unless you can read Japanese but it looks like Siora is the native companion.