Broken crane controls

Crane controls discovered new bugs.

  • To completely deploy anchors I have to press the bottom twice. On small crane they never get deployed completely.
  • Crane anchors can be only deployed, but never get retracted completely.
  • Collision model bug cause this crazy rope trembling.

The bugs are game breaking and need to be fixed ASAP.

Game version: PTS 6.0 - Premium Edition + Pre-Order Bonus
PC Build: 6QF-697.pdf
Wheel/Pedals used: Logitech G29 + H-shifter (G HUB v2020.4.47660)

Youtube Video

Confirming that deploying anchors on cranes is bugged.

*On small cranes they never fully deploy.

  • On large cranes they might deploy but then will never fully retract.

  • Once they bug out even recovering to garage and deploying a new truck has no effect. Also the new truck will automatically attempt to deploy anchors and fail in the ways listed above.

This is using Mouse+Keyboard and windows drivers. No additional software for mouse or Keyboard.

Fault as reported.

@Tigron Thanks for taking the time to make and post a video. Good work.