Keyboard, Mouse and Wheel conflict still exist in PTS 7.0

Already reported in previous versions and current live 5.1, but still exist in PTS 6.0 and became even more impacting. Happens each time.

Bug replication:
When steering with the wheel move the camera using mouse or touch keyboard key. It will cause the truck wheels to center spontaneously completely ruining the course.

Please fix this bug ASAP. It is game breaking for steering wheel users.

Game version: PTS 6.0 - Premium Edition + Pre-Order Bonus
PC Build: 6QF-697.pdf?
Wheel/Pedals used: Logitech G29 + H-shifter (G HUB v2020.4.47660)

Youtube Video

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UP The problem still exist in PTS 6.3
Bug description:
When the mouse is used to look around, the steering wheel input is not read properly, that causes wheels of the truck to get centered suddenly.
The steering settings are set to steering wheel.
The video from latest PTS 6.3 is attached. Below are the exact time codes when the problem is clearly visible.
@esorokin @Jellyfoosh @Dvoryaninoff I posted this problem several times. This is a game breaking bug for all steering wheel users. Please fix it finally!

Unexpected front wheel centering. Look at the front wheel of the truck. At that moment my steering wheel is kept all way to the side, but the wheels of the truck are still centered.

Sporadic steering wheel movement in the cockpit view. Not drivers hands, but exactly the steering wheel. It clearly indicates that the position of the wheel is not queried properly.

Game version: PTS 6.3 - Premium Edition + Pre-Order Bonus
PC Build: 6QF-697.pdf
Mouse: A4Tech X7 X-710MK (X7 Oscar Editor v.12.08V17)
Wheel/Pedals used: Logitech G29 + H-shifter (G HUB v2020.4.47660)

Another video where the problem and it's impact on steering is more visible
Youtube Video

People facing the same problem

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UP, PTS 7.0
Though the problem generally is fixed, the wheels sometimes still lose synchronization with the steering wheel position. Especially on new pavements when crossing the river on Imandra map.