Camping In Excess Boundary Limits (Frontline)

Just figured I'd mention some things that bug me and other people. When playing on frontline I and many other people hate spawning with, the other side being able to get a clear look right over to the spawn zone and shoot us all dead. I would like to see certain areas like far edges of maps playable areas to be re-done. I know the maps Crossing and Hideout have excess reach on the outer edges of the playable areas allowing for abuse of spawn camping, usually by more than one person. A couple examples to start with is first, on the map Crossing. When you fight for the objective D in the building and your spawning in from objective C in the Cave. The Cave entrance is easily campable from multiple spots way, way over to the right from the cave where a 4x scope or better would be effective. This is so frustrating as this is a great map for frontline but there are those who like to find these spots of elevation within their given boundary to take advantage of a fresh spawned team. Another Example is Hideout. When fighting from Point D to Point C. (Point E is placed in a building next to bridge for reference) There is a large open grassy area with some cover here and there but nothing really high until you go farther back to the buildings. sometimes I'll see atleast a pair of players coming back to this area and abusing 1 of the 3 spots over in this extra open area where it makes the camping more favorable to whoever gets more further back. My biggest peeve is the buildings and somebody laying prone on a ledge or a corner or a board on the wall or some other kind of nonsense and picking everybody off with a scope and bipod. I don't like it being allowed but it seems to go unchecked.


If you find an exploit or a spot that has unfair advantage please report it directly to NWI via their ticket system.
This is to prevent more players exploiting such spots.

It also helps if you have a video footage or screenshot of said spot with Location debug overlay (under Game settings) and a level (map) and scenario (game mode) name to narrow it down as much as possible.