Hello guys! I just joined here and I've been trying to get some help to solve an issue, maybe someone here had the same problem.

I got the digital ps4 version. I've been having issues with L2/R2 buttons in three ways:

Shortcuts: if I try to assign a sill or item to a shortcut using R2, let's say R2+ square, the game indicates that shortcut is assigned, but if I press the shortcut it'll be like I only pressed Square (regular attack). Curiously, R2+dpad shortcuts work fine!https://19216801.onl/ https://routerlogin.uno/ https://192168ll.link/
Fury: pressing L2 with focus available will simply do nothing.
Menu: whenever I try to change tabs on the menu both L2 and R2 don't work. That way I can't check most of the menu, like sidequests, items, attributes and talents.
I've tested the controller on 3 other games and it works normally, and also tried redownloading and reinstalling the game again but the issue remained.

Did anybody have the same problem? Or anybody currently having the same issue? Thanks!

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