Map Editor and/or posting site ???

As a custom map creator, I'm wondering if this new version will include an Editor....and if it does, will it be fixed so it can be used without causing constant errors such as the original one?

Also, will Focus host an U/L custom-mod-area for items, maps, etc. which users create?

The list of changes is stating the workshop for maps, so i'm pretty sure there will be an editor, or at least the "old" one will be compatible. 🙂

@Schlammspringer Compatible? That is not SO good news. Personally found that usefull after applying view-distance mod... Unability of seeing of your design form a dostance, expecially for such thing as a landscape, is a bit... you know, annoying...

Just use the 291215 version of CombineTools!
Works perfectly and you have full view distance 😉

I really hope they fixed map editor. I preordered game. I don't care if it's the same with few new stuff . But map editor is like 70% game for me. I spend more hours in it than in actual game. I hope they will include custom map sharing ingame or in workshop. Simplify the process.

I tried old CombineTools, still as shitty as ever. Elevating grass and other objects. Never fixed. Hoping for the best in october.