Please fix community server search

It just doesn't work. The filters don't work. The min/max players NEVER work. The layout is oddly cumbersome. Just make regular check boxes and be done with it. On / Off. No three-point switches and flippers and adjusting ranges and so forth. Keep it simple stupid. This rule goes for everything. The server results update for every adjustment on the filter before I am ready to search. This takes unnecessary time.

And worst of all.

Quite often, the search never result in any matches. The search lasts for 3 seconds and result in 0 matches. Then I hit refresh again and again for 5 minutes, and then BOOM there are 500 matching servers - which mostly does not match the filter settings. Most are of course empty. Which I filtered out, but it doesn't work.

This game is really great. Gameplay wise it is on the absolute top on many things. But this seemingly easy functionality of having a working server search engine is just not happening... What is the problem?

Don't forget the favorite checkbox that doesn't work. And if this gets fixed I would like to have the option to add a server to my favorites when im on the server.