Crashing due to suicide bombers and/or massive explosions

After the most recent Nightfall update I'm experiencing crashes every time a suicide bomber detonates in close proximity, or a massive explosion goes off. Mostly in proximity to me as the player.

Currently running 3rd generation Intel i5 3570k for reference.

Well, the good news is that it isn't your rig. It's the game. Many others are experiencing it and I encountered it on COOP tonight. At the moment, there isn't a fix we can do. Just have to wait for another hotfix to land which I imagine is in the works.

Here's more people experiencing the same issue.

Thank you for the quick reply. I initially thought it might be something with a recent EasyAntiCheat update as I've been crashing in Post Scriptum as well lately, which also uses EAC. Could just be coincidence though.

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just to add to this the latest "latest" nvidia drivers dont help any on this situation i thought it might of been a driver/ ue engine conflict but its not

is there any server side scripts to disable it in frenzy for now?

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