Fully Costumizable Trucks (Garage)

Hi Developers, I have a great idea for the neXT update or DLC. When you pull up next to a garage there should be a buton saying 'Enter Garage' when you press it you go into the garage and the vehicle you where currently in is on the platform. I think that there should be a deep customization such as suspension,drive train, Axle, wheels,tires and muchave more. I think that would bring more people to play this game and people who already play. This would be amazing. To show of to your friends and community. Hope this happens in the futrue.

@jimbin this would take more than just an update. total game overhaul is more like it really. this would be something for a future version of the game. now if they could do it then cool, but right now with the game mechanics it is very highly unlikely to put it mildly.

This is one of the main aspects this game misses. Actually current Spintires titles are missing like 60-70% content of the game with just the sandbox roaming around.
Any games have such a sandbox option where you casually enjoy something, but they also have the actual game, with mission mode story campaign, numerous swapable parts, upgrades, repairs, and so on.
The best feeling would be to start with the wimp C130 and with missions progression and during campaign to upgrade it in the end to have something like the Mongo Zil mod vehicle.
Researching tech trees and unlocking new parts, finding them random in the woods from wreckages (you know salvage rear axles from an ural and upgrade the c130 (or repair an existing damaged ural)
Damage to be carried over in campaign modes, different areas to be damaged and of course, using a spare tire to repair a flooded engine to be impossible. (Needing an engine repair kit to barely drive out of there to a nearby garage, or towed there)
A LOT that would literally make the offroad heavy trucking experience a real pleasure.
If any of the dev team sees this, do offer me a good paying job there and i'll guide you to the right direction for big money and heights you only dream now)