[Suggestion] Assigning Appereance Presets To Loadouts

Especially now with the release of the new update and the ghillie suit DLC, I think it would be a good idea if you could assign appearance presets to loadouts.

As an example:
Let's say I make a "Night Operation" appearance preset, and a loadout for my rifleman specialized for the new night maps only! Instead of me having to equip the loadout before the match, then de-equip it when I want to play another game mode or map I can just decide to equip the "Night Operation" preset to my rifleman's night map loadout!

Another example is:
let's assume that I have 2 marksman loadouts, one designed for sniping silently from a long-range, and one for more close-quarters combat...If I make a bulkier, more close-quarter orientated loadout it won't fit with my silent sniper loadout. If I instead make a "Stealthy" or light combat preset it won't fit with my CQC loadout, and on top of that with other classes like demolition and rifleman.

Now obviously this is not something important, and I am sure the developers have more important things to worry about then cosmetic changes and assigning different appearance presets to different loadouts...However, it would be a nice touch, which if they get spare time to work on it...Could be implemented next update?

Thanks for reading and have a nice day 🙂

While it is a nice idea, it unfortunately is performance costly. I am not certain on the details of how model meshes are handled, but usually a player model is turned into one mesh for efficiency. I think the process currently in game is along the lines of sharing the customization sets of each player and quickly compiling the full meshes of the players during the loading screen. These meshes are then stored in your local memory as recompiling the mesh each encounter with another player is not efficient. So what it comes down to is that taking more meshes into a game would impact memory performance and raise the required graphics RAM. Allowing people to change cosmetics on the fly would create the issue that whenever someone does, the server has to communicate this change to all players and then the players' hardware will have to recompile a mesh for the player that just customized their character.
Again, I am not certain on how it exactly works as I have not looked at the implementation, but I would reason it is something along these lines from the comments they have made on similar customization suggestions.

I hope this is somewhat helpful. (I would have liked different sets for each class as well)

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