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Hello from Oovee Forums! I see lots of others have already come from there.

Yessir. I'm a diehard Spintires Fan.

Cant wait to get this game rolling!

Hello,I am spintires fan.
Wonderful Game Spintires
We wait patiently 🙂

lets do this yeah woo foot ball uh ..... i mean spintires love the game cant wait for it to drop

Hi guys . Cant wait for relase date . Pre-ordered anyway 😃
cya in-game

bonjour (pour la version console )

  1. question : pensez vous rajouté par la suite des véhicules tout terrain?
  • Français 😞 Renault B110 4x4 , TRM 2000 et 4000 , SM8 , Saviem TP3...)
  • Allemand 😞 nez de cochon 911, sprinter et vario 4x4, Unimog...)
  • italien 😞 Iveco , Bremach ...)
  • Suisse :(Bucher Duro, Steyr Pinzgauer...)
  1. des Nouvelles cartes ( environnements dessert, rocheux )?

  2. des Nouveaux challenges ? , je prends un exemple :
    ( un jeux qui à était fait sur pc en 2011 OFF-ROAD DRIVE )
    trial , parcours franchissement, orientation

Spintires MudRunner Add language Turkish. I want the Turkish.

Hi there!
I’m new to Spintires. I didn’t even knew this game existed, but one month ago aprox. I get accidentally to a game trailer, and I loved it.

It’s downloading right know in my Xbox One. Question: is it Xbox One X enhanced?

Hello everybody!!!
I was in the original Spintires and return here now!!!

Hello! I'm also new to this forum, just got the registration acceptation, I'm happy to be here! I've had Spintires since its demo, and I'm really enjoying the full version of Spintires! 😃

It a great game - such realistic attention to detail on the trucks. OK the cab view just has the generic dashboard, but considering most players spend most of the time looking at the external views (well I do anyway!!), then it's not a big deal IMHO.


I'm new and just signed up, been playing Mudrunner on PS4 for quite a while and have always wondered if there was a place to talk about this game. Now I've found this place.

Looking forward to chatting about a great game.