I've encountered an error which I've not found an identical match for so far after some hours of looking for fixes. I've waded through the technical FAQ here and tried various solutions for BFG:A related crashes, but so far none of this tinkering has yielded results.

My problem is that the game does load, showing the company logos and waiting through the loading screen. Yet when the loading is over and the game shall reach the game menu, Battlefleet Gothic minimizes to Windows without any error message. Sometimes what I presume to be menu music can be heard playing for a while when trying to re-enter the minimized game, but the game cannot be opened, cannot be viewed (haven't seen the menu a single time so far).

The strangest thing is that there is no crash report, and the Task Manager insists that BFG is running hale and healthy

From what I can tell, my computer specs should be able to run BFG.

The only clue, if that even is a clue, is the first message that shows upon launching the game: "Message: Fraps has been known to crash D3D11. Please use Microsoft Expression Encoder instead for capturing."

Has anyone else encountered this error? Do anyone have ideas for how to fix this? Thanks in advance for any help!