Hello, yesterday I thought I would check out the replay system to see if I could make some fragmovies with it. I immediately ran into 3 issues, which I have captured in video: https://streamable.com/9hcrwd
I should note that this thread was created after the post-nightfall patch.

  1. First, the pause button does not work, nor does pressing space.

  2. Second, when replaying at a lower speed, the interpolation between keyframes is choppy. The issue is most visible starting from 0:27. Regular linear interpolation would be preferred to this. I intend on recording the replay at a lower speed and speeding it up in a video editor so as to achieve higher and smoother framerates.

  3. Third, clicking on the timeline "deselects" the player I am currently spectating. This is very annoying, because I have to cycle through all the players via LMB/RMB in order to spectate the player I was spectating previously. This would not be such an issue, if it was possible to select the spectated player using the map or the scoreboard, but that does not seem to be working.