1.7 Bug Report

1.7 Patch Insurgency Sandstorm
Played on all maps

  • When enemies died, they drop all equipment. (No vest, no backpack)
  • Incendiary grenade gives no light source
  • A.I are a little bit too easy on night map. Walk up to me within 5 feet and don't see me sometimes.
  • Nightvision a bit useless and overwhelming. Most of the maps seem well lit, I rarely have to put on my NVG. When I do put on NVG, the ambient light is so overwhelming I rather have it off. (I know it's supposed to be realistic but if I can't shoot out the light, or snuff out fire/ light source...I end up not using NVG at all.
    *A.I can see me through the smoke. (not a big fan of the smoke overlay patch)
    *A.I sprinting and shooting with guns in the air
  • Hardcore mode exclusive bug - A.I Female model on Security team speak in a male voice
  • Night mode Helo support is invisible to A.I.

Thank you for your hard work!
Please keep it up!
Overall the game is very fun.

  • Also muzzle flashes gives no light source(In some places.). It's look like strange and unrealistic.
  • Some problems with shooting through wall. Why 5,45 and 5,56 so useless? IRL 5,45 better than 7,62x39! 7,62x39 has 715 m\s, 5,45x39 has 910 m\s. More speed=more penetration potential.