Bug Reporting


First picture is accidental deleted mesh on Hillside right above C bomb on Sec Coop. Second two are the C79 NV, it's bugged you can't see through the scope at all. Finally I can't record it for some reason but when you sprint with the IR laser on with NVGs on it bugs out and starts "strobe lighting" in random directions.

Thank you.

Adding on to that Unreal crashes 1/2 the time when trying to play online and one more image from the new map:20200617102328_1.jpg There is a shack near there that is plaid textured as well, couldn't get a screen grab before Unreal crashed though.

Another one, think it was due to the xray in kill cam being on, every time I aimed at the friendly that blue box appeared, it could be the person's name as well, gonna leave it here just encase since I didn't notice it before I turned on xray after death.

For the Unreal crashes I verified files (forgot for some reason) seems to fix Unreal crashes, was missing 1 gig.