DLC weapon skins: Right idea, wrong execution

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 Overall I'm really happy with the new content including the addition of night maps; but I'm really wondering what the thought process was for the new DLC weapon skins. This game markets itself as a tactical shooter and the art compliments that up until this point. The DLC weapon skins look like they are closer to CS:GO or MW rather than something that belongs in this game. They don't fit the aesthetic/ art direction the game has been marketing itself as. I'm really hoping this isn't the start of a trend of adding flashy skins into the game for the sake of monetization. DLC weapon skins are perfectly fine, but lets keep them grounded to what this game is rather than copying what CS:GO or MW has done.

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They are not even beautiful skins that encourage you to buy ...

Woah... They're ugly. They're really ugly... They do indeed look like CS:GO/CoD skins. I hate where this is going right now... There were so much options they could have gone for instead of this... Why ? Just why ? Are they already so out of ideas they need to produce... this ?

They said they wouldn't make crazy skins to preserve realism and credibility, but those are the exact opposite of credibility. It looks just as atrocious as Insurgents' equipment "camo". Gross... 😕

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Pulled from a similar discussion thread on steam:

Originally posted by Jonny-Higgins:
"*Our team wanted to go with color pallets that matched the Nightfall theme, hence the dark blues and dark reds of dusk/dawn and night combat. While researching the game we found a wide variety of painted weapons in use in Insurgencies around the world.

If you look at the items in-game they are actually a lot more muted than the store page renders, this is something we are looking at correcting.*"

While certain insurgencies may use those colors, the question is how much of the player base knows that is the case? Its the difference of expectation versus reality. What your player base thinks of when they think of an insurgent versus what they actually are in reality is clearly different. Something to consider moving forward with new character and weapon skins.

I'd like to see some real world examples for sure, for comparison sake, if anyone has that.

I was looking foward to skins but when they came it indeed felt very CoD/ CS:GO.
Disapointing really...
Can I suggest looking at what actualy military units do to paint their weapons? Snakeskin parttern, Camo-tape. Scrim-net wrapped, etc...

When it comes to real Insurgent weapons I've seen that are red and blue painted they are fairly different from the DLC ones. It's usually the wooden handle on an AK is painted blue or red so that the guns are easier to distinguish from each other.

I would gladly pay for some more realistic weapon skins such as a Desert themed pack. For example something like the Desert Smear Camo currently in game would be much closer to reality.

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