A few issues no one seems to be talking about? Peq-15 placement..

So I really only play this game for the realism. The gunplay is great and the night vision is pretty well done and a great edition. I mostly like using the MK18 CQBR, however since the night update the laser sight or peq-15 is now only attached on the side of the rifle? Does not make much sense to me especially for the night update you cant even see the peq-15 now. Do any basic research on the best placement for a peq 15 or other IR aiming device and you will see it would be on top of the rail for overall ease of use and ergonomics. It is also placed on the side of the new Honey Badger which is disappointing. If anything make it an option to place it on top or the side. Also your character grips the magwell when not using a foregrip... I cant think of anyone who still seriously teaches that technique in modern shooting. Small issues but issues that really effect the realism for this game in my opinion.

Here is a good reference as far as IR placement goes.

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There is no system in place that would place the attachments based on other attachments and creating such for not even handful of weapons would be wasteful imo.
Screenshot from internal testing builds for demonstration why it was moved.


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