[BUG] Support helicopter flying through the ceiling and inside the building


Self-explanatory. That doesn't stop minigun from firing. Happened once to me in PvP as well. Reproduction unknown.

Thanks for reporting, I've passed this on to our QA team. If you can supply any extra information that would be really helpful. For example, does this happen exclusively on Ministry? Does the fire support have to be called in on a specific area/target for this to happen, etc..

It happened on Ministry and Refinery, I believe.

Can't tell where the commander called it in (need his POV for that) but I'd assume the support has been called a little bit outside of the building.

On Refinery it happened when the chopper arrived from the opposite (enemy's) side of map, but we were probably calling it in at the building's entrance. On Ministry it happened when looking at the entrance of the building. I think that's the common cause here, when the chopper comes in at the outside of the building and makes a pre-programmed turn after that.