Hello everyone,

First time on the forums as I have had no issues in the past with Insurgency Sandstorm. But I am here because of a query.
As of 1.6, the Mod Editor was released and many maps were released making the game so much better. Due to my peaking curiosity of making my own mod, I downloaded the tools and learnt (through tutorial present on mod.io) how to make my own map.

The next logical step, I thought, would be to start making some weapon attachments to add to the current available weapons. I wanted to ask if anyone knew of the process to take to make that happen as I am totally lost.

My current goal is to add a reflex scope for the Pistols within Insurgency. So in my head, the process lies with importing the model and adding the behaviors?

Any help would be greatly appreciated
Cheers, IScreaMonster