1. Love x ray, how about being able to click on the players x-ray and switch to their view?

  2. How about during replays, being able to change players pov by clicking on someone's arrow indicator on the mini map? It doesn't work half the time but is very helpful when it does.

  3. Would love ALL of my replays to be saved not just some.

  4. Would love to be able to see my stats on saved replays etc.

  5. Replay system is serviceable but needs revamp. Plz model after cod bo2 replay system at worst. Its surprisingly effective and bug free.

Just some thoughts.

p.s. developers for post scriptum are implementing a system where the most upvoted feedback/comments on steam are gathered and shared in one place for all to see. Can't remember the app but the developers then respond to these ideas and ultimately decide whether time should be devoted to these suggestions.