I'm playing Vampyr for the second time (First one was at its release.) I must admit the first time was flawless as far as I knew and this time I'm screwed with this damn Red River bug (And after searching for it, that's far to be the only bug), the vampire doesn't appear and I get stuck with the wheel...

I'm far to be the only one concerned, I see messages since the release in 2018, also a lot from 2019 we are in June 2020 and still no fix at all !!!

I had another bug when I fought Fergal, I couldn't find the recipe but nevermind, I can continue my game... But here, I just can't go further and it's only Chapter 3 (I think ?) ! But as I know the game better I did all secondary quests and a lot of stuff so yeah, I won't start from scratch !

So, sorry this has probably been discussed many times but I'm really pissed right now !!
I'm sure that would need a lot of work to fix this one but this is the kind of thing you can't even go further in the game !!!

I love Vampyr, I love A Tale Plague, those games are artistically great but technically there's some things to work on !
But this is really a shame to let all those players without any help...

I hope if everyone complains something will happen... I sent an email to the support too, but I know the answer "Yes we're sorry but we can't do anything". Great. 60 Euros the game.