A few things have been bugging me since Mudrunner came out (PC version).

Attaching a winch: If you have rolled/damaged or drowned a truck so it is not possible to start it please could the winch mode automatically switch to PULL? I recently had to extract a rolled truck in a gully with difficult access and every time I reattached the winch to wiggle the thing out I was greeted with engine stalled messages and had to switch from DRIVE to PULL. It took about 15 winch adjustments before I could right the rolled truck and the manual switching got old really quickly.

Engine shutdown: One reason we shut down the engine is because we are about to switch to another using the Change Truck option, however shutting down the engine means having to reenter Advanced mode to select the Change Truck option. Could this option stay visible like the Start Engine does?
Occasionally the Change Truck option DOES stay visible, but there seems to be no consistency - it can be any truck at any time. Most of the time you have to reenter Advanced mode though.

Clicking either left or right mouse button drops you out of Advanced mode - hugely annoying when you are fishing for a camera angle to achieve what you want. Please could Advance mode stay until the user actively toggles the Advanced mode button to quit it?