Love what's happening to the game recently and I love how the new content that is being added into the game and I hope that we get more updates with this quality in the future. New World I'm loving you guys! But like with everything there are just a few things that are just a little off and some weird and annoying bugs that hope will be removed.

The first thing I would like to talk about are PVE modes as AI in the normal day maps are acting a little off. There are countless time where I see the AI just stain still in the middle of the street and and do nothing just waiting to be shot and a lot of the times just walking in circles even when your shooting at them they keep walking in circles or they just run into a wall and keep running into the wall and all of these thing keep happening extremely often. This all started a week ago and it's weird as either i’ve been very lucky or this is a new thing due to the AI being changed with the new update.

The second thing I would like to talk about and just as important as the first one is and is about how when you walk into the gas the gas turns into smoke and you can’t see anything. As fair as I can tell this is a thing that happens in both PVE and PVP modes. Again a weird bug but I am glad that you can actually see it now.

The third bug is not as important as the first two but is the weirdest and I am just perplexed by its existence as it seems that I and a very few others have accurately notested its existence as when I’m security on PVP or PVE and I pick light armor even if I have no more loadout points I always have heavy armor on and this seems to happen to more than half the people on security and I doubt that they actually picked heavy armor as anyone who has played this game more than a few hours knows that heavy armor is more than useless but people never seem to realise this as why would you can only see it when you die due to death cam or if you ask someone what armor you got on. I have no idea on how long this bug has been around and it is a pretty small this but it's really annoying for me as all of my load out are for speed and heavy armor is not very good for that and it's probably annoying for other people as I could just max out my gun then spend the final two points on light armor but when I spawn I have heavy armor so when I camp a room it's even harder to flush me out even with grenades. So please New World fix this, it's a very small thing but it's really annoying.

PS: if you could allow me to create loadout for domination on the main menu that would be nice and please make the spawns better ok love you ❤