5.0 update

After the new update my tasks menu has disappeared from the menu. The markers are still on the maps with no way to complete them.

I’m on PS4 and my tasks have disappeared too. Some don’t show on the map either.

I have the same issue. Playing on PC.

After the update my Tasks lists on the left side of the local map screen are empty on all maps.
The contests are still visible in the list on the left, as are the tasks' markers on the map. No tasks or their descriptions in the list though.

Contracts are visible just fine. Vehicles and buildings lists too.

Please help!

Where to begin. Pure frustration. This update has been atrocious.
1.Coop play has been eratic and unstable. Whenever we discover a new watch tower It kicks the guest from the game.
2. Why change the steering behaviour after a month and not give the option to choose like mudrunner did.
3. The sound of the trucks are not as good. Yes I can hear the cargo but we now cant hear the creaks and squeeks of suspension like we used to.
4. Prior to the update I didnt have any pop in. Now Rendering of textures have suffered greatly.playing on XBOX X
5. Trucks glitching out and launching into the air when coop gets out sync.
This was a big claim of yours that coop was completely synced. Post update its fallling apart.

Wishing for a way to go back to prior update.

Great shame. The game was my go to relaxing escape. Even Call of Duty doesnt make swear as much as I did today playing Snow Runner Coop.