The valley: overall thoughts and suggestions for improvement

Hey everyone, so iv just played valley for about 5 hours and finished it twice, first with default 6 stars and second with 1 star, I just wanted to voice my opinion on new things and what should be immediately revamped for better experience..

so first of all I want to say new map is 7/10 for me, for free dlc it is good, it's challenging and also offers different terrain as opposed to what we've seen in original 6 maps (which had lots of areas copied and pasted in many places), there are some good mud sections one of them being near river in the middle which really got my C-6317 with 7point log load stuck in it, neither low 2 or 1 worked it was completely stuck and couldn't get out even with winched on tree and had to bring white beast to pull it out, map really makes u think before ur action or u'll be punished for it. overall it's "positive" for me, but I was expecting completely different thing tbh...

since it was called THE VALLEY I thought we would have gotten huge river in the middle, surrounded by two massive mountains that could have potential challenge of hauling log truck up the steep hill, also it could have had on the one side objectives/garages and log kiosk/fuel station on the other, it would have huge bridge in the middle for examplealt textalt textalt textconnecting two beasts (mountains) but with Blockpost, preventing u to deliver logs through bridge and take an easy way, it could also have some kind of rescue mission as bonus objective where u would have to pull truck out of some mud pit or river with unique crane addon on E-7429 alt texti know truck in the picture is not mzkt7429 but this is example of crane which could easily be created for E-7429
which would make it exciting to get new 8x8 and could actually have hidden talent that seems to be missing at the moment, and also all the scenery and exciting terrain that it could bring. but its already done and im not dev soo...

Ok now i think flaws that should be improved immediately!

● I want to ask why is only C-6317 able to run the medium log trailer? i dont get the point of adding such necessary thing and then not allowing to use it on other trucks except E and D-class, I think every truck that can attach log crane carriage
(C-65111, C-65115, C-255, C-256, C-260) should be able to attach medium log trailer too, it just does not make any sense

● I think E-7429 should have unique fuel cistern and log carriage addons, it is just copied from E-7310 both of them, i dont think it would take more than 6 hours combined to make these two asset for example fuel cistern to be som like this..
alt text
and log carriage that suits medium log trailer stylistically or maybe make medium log trailer that suits E-7310 asset, like this for example...
alt text

● also I think there should be 2 versions of that garage semi-trailer
one with 4 garage points 200 fuel and 280 repair points as it is already, but improved
one without that ship container and possibility to haul other vehicles as it does in real life and 280 repair points
alt textand utility attachment which could have repair points up to 1400 (which seems to be missing on the C-6317 too)
also i think repair kit is useless after that change and it should be combined with semi-trailer addon and would have 280 repair points...

Thats it for me on the DLC, there are lot of things that could be revamped for mudrunner overall in future but this post was made in pure purpose to express my opinion and thoughts about this particular DLC, what is done right and what should be changed...

ty everyone for listening and take care ❤

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I agree with you, E-7429 must have a crane, also be able to carry other vehicles, I hope an upgrade in the future do this👍

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whats the
, E-7429 hidden talent?

@300six nobody has confirmed yet, but many have figured it is that it can deliver 8 total delivery points with one go. this is the only thing that the 7429 can really do versus the original vehicles.

Can't the other E-class (7310?) deliver 8 points now too? Seeing as it gets the medium trailer as well.

And as for medium log trailer, I agree that we should be able to put it behind any C-class... Seeing as how delivering 7 points is basically the same as 6 points (both require one more small logs load), it wouldn't make anything "OP" or anything.

In general, I think we should be able to attach anything to any truck as long as it physically fits/hooks up. If I want to try to drag the medium log trailer across the map with my B-66 for example, then I should be able to try. It would allow for more replay value.

Also, if we can haul 7 points, we need a 1-point load of logs. Maybe in the back of the 969 and also a small trailer for the 469.

there teasing us with that low boy trailer with the new 8x8,

@morbid said in The valley: overall thoughts and suggestions for improvement:

In general, I think we should be able to attach anything to any truck as long as it physically fits/hooks up. If I want to try to drag the medium log trailer across the map with my B-66 for example, then I should be able to try. It would allow for more replay value.


If they did that, then many trucks would be useless because they do the same thing. It is a trick, a strategy.
You'd only have 1 4x4, 1 6x6, 1 8x8 with different body shells

@morbid pretty sure the 7310 can only deliver 7 points total if i am not mistaken. it has been a while since i used it though and could easily be wrong. i prefer the C types myself. D and E types are bit to OP for my taste.

@8up-local YES E- 7310 can deliver 8 points as E-7429, same with garage semi-trailer so that supposed hidden talent aint that unique after all

@zamal well i admit i have never really played with the bigger trucks that much, so if i was mistaken then my mistake. lol

anyway if the "hidden" talent of the 7429 is not that it can deliver 8pts, then i guess we are back to square one on this feature. being a bit sarcasitc here, but so far the only talent i have really seen then would be that for as big and powerful as the 7429 is. it seems to get stuck quite easy in certain situations. lol

my overall thoughts and opinions?

i admit i was not expecting a whole lot from this DLC and after playing it, i will have to say i am extremely underwhelmed with it. even considering the fact i was not expecting much to begin with. i feel new and more content is always good and nice to have, although this dlc has fallen well short of what i thought it was going to be.

the map was too easy and feel they could have put more effort into making it and for a "valley" it sure is aweful flat. valley kind of brings the image of the map being in a valley not a hilly plain.
the highly touted 7429 seems not quite as OP as they made it out to be.
the 969 while it can carry about the best support for a scout vehicle, the feel is wonky at best to drive and was more cumbersome than i thought it would have been when driving it, especially off road.
the 6317 which at first sounded like it was going to be more of a challenge then it is. in fact it is quite OP actually when compared to the other C types.

overall i think this DLC was quite short on what it sounded like was being offered, but maybe focus will listen to the community and make the proper adjustments next time.

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@8up-local that "Hidden" thing maybe is the fact that it has a higher damage sensation (not as high as the mileage tho) than most trucks so it can do really good on flooded maps I think, but on the other hand its fuel consumption is really High too, i got it up to 72lt/Min when on a full log load and 1+ (same old Maz 7310 3 speed W/ overdrive gearbox) so 1st or "Low" is a fuel killer because it delivers around 50% or more torque depending on the surface in some type of power/torque curve wich goes more to torque than power on the last half "rev limiter" (mud giving the most torque out of every gear but 3rd) and that 1+ is the fastest gear and also the worst gear to stay on becasue the game delivers 70% of the full torque on that gear always (on hard surfaces) and 20% when going downhill (on hard surfaces too) but in mud you get a crazy fixed 80% wich kills the fuel tank bar more easy because you're in a constant random spin of the tires (even on locked diff) this thing has 4 axles so more wheels to spin and not on swamps and things like that i mean normal forest road or trails (like 90% of this game is trails) so there isn't a real win with this truck and its "hidden" feature

I still like the fact that Pavel is giving more content to the game in the form of DLC dont get wrong, but i dont want this to go just like The Pit from Legacy Spintires that got removed after the next update and never came back

And to finish what i dont really like is that the game is still a broken Spintires /Spintires ,Facelift with even more bugs like wheels not turning or just one turning, sprites not loading right (particles,dust,fliying mud) and much more!

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I think they might remove the container off the semi garage trailer from the e7429 to make it a vehicle hauling trailer. because if you look at the bag you can see some plates the might be able to drop down. just an idea don't know if it is true.

@8up-local yeah it can barely handle mud with that trailer attached to it.. even new A class performs better than it lamao

@8up-local yeah for free dlc its pretty good and hope they do listen and first make adjustment and then try to deliver what is requested from community, in near future.

its funny valley "hilly plain" was never mentioned, everyone asking for snow maps and tracked vehicles and they decide to ship this DLC, i dont know hope they listen in future

yo this kinda carriage and medium log trailer for both e class truck but maybe dark green unlike this
alt text

the e7310 can carry medium logs trailer now as well as the long garage semitrailer

@mr-t exactly so if hidden talent on E-7429 was 8 log points its not as unique and exciting as it was portrayed..

It's the only truck with 5*