Stuttering after the Valley update

I'm suffering stuttering and bad framerate after today's update. The framerate seems to be capped between 55 and 57 and changing graphic options doesn't change this.

It's the same on all maps, not only the new one.

I'm on Windows 7 and latest Nvidia drivers (GTX 770).

I uninstalled it and removed all the content inside the Mudrunner folder and then reinstalled it again and that fixed it. Thank you.


I have this problem on Xbox One. Since the DLC install, I have less framerate in all the maps, and more lag in multiplayer games.

I tried to uninstall the game and install it again and the problem still happening.

Anyone else have problems with the framerate in console version too?


PD: Sorry for my english

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I have a blurry effect when I turn the camera on Xbox one x, not sure if it's related to the update or if it's an Xbox one x related issue, as I didn't have this issue on the regular Xbox one, and the PS4 doesn't seem to have this issue either. Also, why does the PS4 Pro have an option in the settings menu to lock at 30fps but Xbox one x does not? Xbox one x seems to be running worse than the regular Xbox one.