Deathcam (tweak) ideas

Idea 1: Hardcore playlist
This one is very simple, just add an Hardcore Mode to the non-competitve playlists and add all gamemodes to it's voting cycle.

Idea 2: Level Lock with OPT-OUT.
Level lock is quite self-explanatory but let me explain the OPT-OUT idea. So by default Deathcam is ENABLED for EVERYONE of ANY level, however if you disable the (already existing) deathcam setting in the menu:

  1. It will disable the deathcam for you ofcourse but,
  2. Will also disable it for player you kill IF their level is higher than the level lock.

This means Deathcam will be always on for the players below the Level Lock, but disabled when having passed the level and getting killed by someone who opted-out. Or when opting-out yourself obviously, but this will also 'handicap' yourself.

It's a bit of a programming challenge, but I believe this is literally the best solution for everyone, giving people the most freedom in how they want to play and experience the game.

Additional idea for OPT-OUT:
Instead of completely removing the cam it could change the camera angle where it points almost straight down to heavily limit the field of view. This way you still have the cool cinematic effect and ragdoll animations. This might also make the experience more consistent.

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it's an interesting idea.
2-way deathcam system, where you are only able to use deathcam if you allow other players to see you in deathcam.

@Alilolo Thank you, and you just described it in 1 simple sentence that's probably easier to understand than what I wrote here 😉