not enough memory?

the editor is hitting me up with a 'not enough memory' message.. i'm using the LAA +4gb mod. does this indicate that the LAA is not working? are there other things i should be looking into? it seems to be saving my map as it should.. thank you for any feed back Rufus

Not sure but I recommend trying the SpintiresMod as it includes the 4gb patch as well as a better height calculation. It has allowed me to design my map with the crazy elevation changes I wouldn't have been able to do when using the default editor. I still have the issue with texture stretching but as far as I can tell there is no way to avoid this.

Now that my map is mostly done it still takes around 1:44 to render but the SpintiresMod has helped me immensely.

thanks PicSoul ! i have an shit-ton amount of cliffs, vertical walls. and a big vertical waterfall. are you saying that those slow things down and take a ton of memory? also i use the Mudrunner(+) Mod, do you recommend using both the LAA 4gb patch, and the mudrunner mod patch , or just the one built into the mudrunner mod? thank you Rufus