Ground shading issues in 5.5

I've never seen these before. Now a slight camera movement makes these dark areas appear and disappear.


It appears to be location-specific. This is where I spotted the problem. But in the previous version the same place looked fine.


Yeah, I noticed that some of the concerete bridges were translucent as if made of scuffed up glass. 😛 This feels like a similar bug where the base ground material becomes transparent and you are seeing the undrelying skybox.

I saw a few of those spots around Michigan since the first release of the game.
Don't recall seeing any around Alaska so far... although pretty much any time I roll a truck/trailer, it leaves those sheer-sided, too-deep mud/snow imprints, with black texture at the bottom.

They both seem like fairly benign rendering glitches - neither seem to actually impack vehicle physics.
I imagine they'll get fixed up eventually...

@grimdanfango I think that's a different issue. I've also seen those craters in the ground from dragging a trailer or truck across mud. But this one is a surface glitch. There's no hole.