Update 1.04 on Ps4

Anyone know what this update did? I just turned on my ps4 this morning and it said mudrunner update file 1.04 had been downloaded. Have tried searching to see what it did but no results.

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Same here but it says the the new map and cars are online

The content is showing as available but you cannot actual play with the map or vehicles until tommorow

Hi gang!

This update was to prepare the game for the DLC - patch notes will come when the DLC is released tomorrow.

@iyagovos thanks for the update just saw where a person in New Zealand is playing it today since they are a day ahead of the U.S

@iyagovos lmao the e7310 trailer hinch is already online

@mr-hinx Yes, in regions where it is already the 13th 🙂

@iyagovos im from germany and its the 12th february 15:00 xD but its great, i love the e7310 and even without the trailer its still fun 😉

The c6317 is OP as hell. Just ran a garage semi from the start garage to the next garage on the Bog in hardcore in 1+ gear all the way. Heaven.

Ah, update tomorrow, got it. Had the same problem on my xbox.

On a sort of bright side, the ui is already updated, showing if you've unlocked all watchpoints or garages on a map, even if it's false (got achievements to prove it). Probably need to file a bug report, oh well....

@iyagovos just curious as to why they would do it this way. everything else has been released on a set CET, but not this?

@8up-local said in Update 1.04 on Ps4:

@iyagovos just curious as to why they would do it this way. everything else has been released on a set CET, but not this?

It depends. We don't have a complete control over that. It's hanled on Sony/Microsoft side.

@netheos ah ok that would make sense then. Sony and MS do tend to run on their own time. lol

thanks for the info netheos.

I think one off the changes is that you don't get as much fuel in the garages now, which makes you use more Fuel station!And that is awesome

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do you have to unlock the valley and the trucks? cause on my ps4 its just showing the OG trucks and maps.

i can play it online aswell


Once the DLC is out in your region, you will need to add it to your account through the PS4 store. You don't need to unlock The Valley once it's downloaded.

I had the restart my ps4 and then the download became available.