Vehicle repair Tasks imposible to be completed (Multiplayer)

Edit: Today i wrote that post when i found that i can't complete the task "Working Stiff" in multiplayer playing as guest, since then i found other repair tasks impossible of complete also, so i'm going to update the post with that tasks too.

-Working Stiff (Alaska, Mountain River)
Hello today i was playing online on the test server and i tried to complete the task Working Stiff (the Cat 745C rescue), I accepted the task started the tracking for the task and after repaired and refuel the cat completly the task didn't actualize and didn't tell me to deliver the cat to the sawmill, the task remains frozen with the repair and refuel markers at 100%

alt text

-Repair the truck (Michigan, The Dam)
Same, I started the task and the tracking and after fully repair the GMC, the task remain frozen at 100% and is impossible to achieve.

alt text

-No country for old truck (Michigan, Island Lake)
As the others, Task started and tracked after fully repair and refuel tracking remains frozen at 100% no matter what i do.

alt text

That's happened to me playing has guest and i've started the task and tracking by myself, i don't know if as host the situation will be different

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@treneroefc I've completed those with no problem and although I'm not absolutely sure, for the Michigan Smithville dam truck I think your truck needs to be in the designated yellow square, and for the Island Lake western star I think it needs to be pulled into the yellow square. As I say, I'm not absolutely sure about how i did them but i know i did manage to get them completed. I also completed the caterpillar in Alaska one but i don't remember how exactly.

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@Kogo Hello, I can complete the task too, but only playing in single player or playing as host, If I join to someone game and play as guest no matter if i find, start and track the task the task will be frost at 100% and will be imposible to complete
So the problem is only playing as guest in someone game.

@treneroefc ohhh, ok, I see that now, my bad, sry

@Kogo don't worry maybe i explaining myself a little bad, english is not my first language

A i have the same problem but i play as singel player not in coop !!!?

Same here. Repair tasks only to complete in single player but not as a client in coop.

Hold the x or a button on the controller when trying to repair/refuel. until the objective completes. Good for ps4 not sure for xbox or pc