Derry Longhorn 3194 - bumper color bug

Derry Longhorn 3194 custom front bumper does not change color with the truck. It still keeps stock green camouflage on it. See the attached screenshot.
This bug persists both in live v4.9 and PTS v5.3

SnowRunner Screenshot 2020.05.30 -

There is other truck/addon with visual and animation problem i wonder if it is worth to post it here or in technical feedback.

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The same bug still exist in PTS 6.0

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спасибо Вам за тестирование и репорты!

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Hey @Stazco, please stick to English on the forums, thanks.

Please fix it finally, I want to use new livrey with extra lights.
Still a problem even in 6.2

SnowRunner Screenshot 2020.06.28 -

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Not to mention the sun visor on this truck and a couple others (Freightliner M916A1 is one example) that don't carry color changes.

M916A1 visor color scheme is fixed on PTS.
But yes there is other truck with the same issue remaining.