I'm making this suggestion because this game still has, what I consider to be a problem, with players preferring to sit on a hill somewhere to lanecamp people as dollar store designated marksmen, instead of playing the objective and engaging in the core gameplay loop of Push. I have seen on reddit that this is a common consensus among Push players and I think it leads to a lot of frustration and ragequitting on both ends, because either team is suffering from this. Sniping from way back is just strongly encouraged in this game, due to the openness of most maps, and 4x is the highest magnification you will ever need in this game, so essentially everyone is open to use their rifle as a makeshift DMR if they like. This is exacerbated by the fact that you have WAY too many loadout points in this game, and are therefore strongly encouraged to fully deck out your gun or use a heavy carrier WITH armor and 3 grenades, or you just end up wasting points, which no one wants to do of course. Right now the point system is not very cohesive in the sense that it simply does not limit your loadout in a meaningful and engaging way.
I think Power Plant has shown how much fun Push can actually be, by condensing the players of both teams into a smaller area than usual, which elegantly reduces the modes overreliance on smoke as well. This puts most players in the match in a position where they actually interact with each other and the game has a much more engaging pace as a result. It plays way better this way, in my opinion.
By no means do I want to imply though that sniping itself is something negative, because it isn't, but the prevalence of the playstyle even outside the class destroys the pace of this mode, discourages people from directly interacting with the objective, and encourages regular camping as well as lanecamping. My solution for this would be to remove 4x sights from the following classes:

  • Commander
  • Observer
  • Rifleman
  • Demolition
  • Advisor

I know this probably sounds like an egregious change, and as if it flips over the entire meta, but in my eyes all this will do, is shift a focus to lower range engagements among classes that are designed around that specific style of combat. Right now the class system just keeps the weapon roster separated, but does not influence the actual role a player fills for his team. As a result, it all kind of falls apart and players are left to their lowest instincts, making the game harder and more frustrating for new players especially.
I hope my reasoning is understandable even to people that don't agree with me, and as always, feel free to chime in below so the devs have a vague idea about what the rest of the Push community thinks about this.
Thanks for reading.



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