tips on fuel economy achivement

Anyone got any clues, hints or tips on the Fuel Economy achievement. I have tried driving to each map in a location on a single tank of fuel and I have tried aol mail login going to each watchtower in a map on a single tank of fuel... Am I missing something?

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just drive from the first map to the last that's all, btw this is MR forum, not SR...

First of all, you have to finish all singe maps of a region with one single tank of fuel, so e.g. crossing all four Alaska maps will count 33% for the achievement.

I have done all regions with the same car, the TUZ 420 "Tatarin". It will never get stuck, could rescue itself with the autonomous scout winch and definitely has enough fuel to cross all maps without refueling. By the way, it seems to be not allowed to switch to another car during your try, so keep sure to stay in your selected car all the time.

I crossed all maps in the following order:

  • Michigan: Smithville Dam -> Black River -> directly back to Smithville Dam (that is possible, I moved a bit out of the "travel zone" and in again, but not sure if this is necessary) -> Island Lake ->Drummond Island

  • Alaska: North Port -> Mountain River -> White Valley -> directly back to Mountain River -> Pedro Bay

  • Taymir: Zimnegorsk -> Quarry -> Drowned Land

In conclusion it should be said that for this achievement it definitely helps to clear all road blocks, pipelines and open all tunnels before. Some are mandatory needed to do by quests before mygiftcardsite, others are just speeding up the process. If all runs fine, you should be able to finish this achievement completely within one hour.

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