Okay so, I love the update, I really do, gunplay, nightvision, weapons and map/s, its AMAZING

I have two slight problems:
Why do I get randomly disconnected when joining/changing maps on servers? I seem to join, load to either 95% and freeze or get in, then as I select my class i get sent back to the menu. I do not know if it is a hardware problem of mine or something but I'm surely not the only one experiencing this.

Next Problem: I seem to notice in CO-OP on Farmhouse, I didn't notice it on other maps but might be possible, enemies seem to drop into the map and through the ground but still shoot me? I saw one drop right in front of me, shoot me and cause damage but I couldn't do anything back, why?

Overall good update, I'm sure these problems are sure to be fixed but I just want to bring up some issues for the devs to be alerted of.