Questions about magic

Hello guys,
Really excited about the game. I've been trying to find some information about it since the teaser was released, and today I found Focus Forums.
As I understood, we won't be able to use nature magic at all, right? It's a bit disappointing, but I still love the concept of Light magic too. I just wanted to know how powerful is it. Does it include AoE, summons and other, or we can only get some passive bonuses (from prayers or something)?

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Hi Goshmuz.
The main character is a merchant prince/princess. With his/her social status and obvious contact since always with the four other factions from the continent (Religious, Scientists, Mercenaries, Navigators) he/she is able to develop his/her skills through a variety of competences mastered respectively by his/her contemporaries.
First contact with Natives is recent, and with the existing tension, there is no reason the main character can access their knowledges.
Unfortunately, we can't detail you for now the exact number and specifics of magical skills.
Thank you for your interest 🙂

Thank you for the answer. Can't wait to learn something new about the game:)

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I just realised that you guys are going to give me the chance to be a gay prince for first time in fiction, how awesome is that?!? = P

Magic of light sounds really mysterious!!!