The one we have now is always rather dirty, can we have an option for keeping it clean and fully transparent (maybe as an upgrade or even small dlc)?

You put a lot of effort into interiors of cars and trucks, but I use it rather rare because dirty glass really obstructs the view and don't let me fully enjoy the scenery.

I guess the same happens to many other players as well.

I just want it to be as clean as when you look out of the window (when turning head to the maximum angle to left or right).

I guess the dirty wingshield is a part of a model, so it'll requre the models to be remade, but please, add it or just remove the dirt texture from the wingshield and max out it's opacity (as an option, of course, maybe there are fans of dirty wingshields as well)!

It should not be too hard to implement I guess, but it'll enrich the expirience for sure.

I would even pay for this.

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