My NightFall Feedback

I realize these maps are not final, but I’d like to chime in anyhow.
I rarely if ever post here- but about 2 months ago I upgraded my PC and was finally able to play this game without major issues. Spent nearly $500 just so I could play this game.

Anyhow, here it goes-

The lighting without night vision or flashlights needs improved. I noticed street lights are on- but it doesn’t light up the environment at all. Everything is too dark- shouldn’t there be some global illumination? You should be able to see somewhat in the dark, especially with various street lights and small fires going on.
I realize the maps being dark is the purpose, and forces players to use NVGs, but lighting needs to be more realistic. Light should reflect off certain surfaces and add ambient light to even darker areas.
Tideway is a great map. So far I have enjoyed it. Some of the textures and lighting seem weird- especially the daylight version, but I assume it will look better when it officially launches.

I love them, I enjoy the choices you have for them. Not to mention the animation of them flipping up and down. Well done!

New Guns:
So far I’ve only tried the honey badger and dug it. Wish we could customize the skins of the guns though- paint jobs, etc.
Also for the Honey Badger, would like to see an extended magazine.

Looking forward to trying PvP nightfall. I think it will slow the game down a bit- but make it more methodical and fun.

Other notes not necessarily related to Nightfall.
I realize NWI is a small team, but I’d like to see more classic maps back. Market and Heights are 2 faves of mine. I hope they return someday.

Also, some new game modes for COOP.
Maybe an “escort” style mode- where you escort a couple VIPs through hostile territory to a designated extraction point?
You’d have to be able to give the VIPs commands like “wait” and “follow”.
You’d still have some checkpoints that you must take the VIPs to- which would respawn dead players. The final checkpoint being the extraction. You must hold it down and not let the VIPs die while fighting a wave of enemies.
Just an idea. I know that’s more SOCOM and not so much Insurgency, but I think it would be fun.

Also Speaking of Socom, what about a third person Game mode? I played the Socom Mod on original Insurgency and enjoyed it a lot. I think a third person mode would draw in more players. Just keep it as it’s own thing- similar to how coop and PVP are divided.

Bottom line, this game is so underrated it blows my mind. I haven’t been addicted to a game in a long time, but insurgency sandstorm got me hooked again. 🙂

Keep up the good work NWI.

I'd rather have "Hunt" game mode added for COOP (with such big maps that would be so awesome), and "VIP" mode added for PVP.

Everything you said about lighting I strongly agree with.
I made a post about the issue too, here :

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I think this is what a proper night should look like, graphically speaking. The moonlight may be a bit exaggerated but it's beautiful nonetheless. Hunt Showdown doesn't have night vision, so some areas are brightly lit for gameplay reasons. Yet, dark areas and lighting in general are way better.

Youtube Video – [01:20..]

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@Grumf I agree too, some maps are just properly pitch black without nvg's, powerplant for instance, only if you increase gamma to 3.5 or higher you just start to see things, which is insanely high.

And yea that video/game looks pretty good indeed, just the right balance of darkness and lighting

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