Bug report

Ryzen 1600, GTX750Ti OC, 16Gb DDR4 2400Mhz. I haven't noticed any issues with performance but need to try PvP to be sure.

Bugs I found: https://imgur.com/a/P3MPcL7
Pic 1: The game thinks that there is still glass in front of me so laser beam can't pass when in fact glass is already broken.
Pic 2: Gradient that is supposed to imitate image intensifier not being hit by that many photons at its edges is not smoothed out. (hope I didn't mess up with describing it)
Pic 3: Camo of pants and top can mismatch.
Pic 4: xD
Also 1: Bots can see you through walls if you are using a flashlight.
Also 2: Choosing equipment camo is bugged and can automatically reset itself to default (also present on the current version of the client).
Also 3: Server browser is still bugged on the current version and doesn't show any servers.

Thoughts on gameplay

From my experience, amber NVGs are a lot less affected by bright light sources yet they cost the same amount of point as white and green phosphorus counterparts.

Night vision shouldn't block your peripheral vision. For instance, the big advantage of picking monocular night vision is having more peripheral vision because the non-dominant eye is not obstructed whatsoever. Such change could justify picking monocular NVG above SOF version because you wouldn't get blind near bright light sources including players flashlights.

It feels natural to fire from the hip when there is a huge laser beam pointing where your bullets are hitting and it would be nice if hipfire recoil got reduced.

I'm not sure if it's intentional but it's extremely hard to spot a smoke cloud through night vision. In some instances, when you are standing five or so meters away from it you can easily see through it yet once you get closer your vision range worsens drastically.


Overall rock-solid update. Looking forward to try night maps in PvP if you fix gamma issue. Good job.