Toggleable NVG Point Shooting Mode PLS

I love the new NVG point shooting mode (PSM for short) in the nighfall CTE, especially for CBQ. But since it is activated in the weapon menu, it forces you to use either your normal sight choice OR the PSM. I feel it should operate just like the flaslight; toggleable with a key bind. It is a rather easy thing to implement, requiring just a keybind and a little HUD icon perhaps. It could also be usefull in day map mode if they release a "normal" (a tracer one instead of just a red dot) variation of the ir laser.I feel the players will use it a lot more if so and giving more player control is always a good thing. Not to mention the added realism (one can always adapt is sight approach in real life).

Food for thought !

great idea. Also the passive aiming can be momentary too, since its what ppl do in real life if fighting against opponents with NVGs. Same goes to flash light