game runs worst than it ever did

didntt matter if i was on a usa server with 140 ping or a european server with 40 ping. Game runs like absolute shit. It never used to run this poorly. Fucking things got covid 19 lol

Same. Made two tickets, one got thrown in the trash and in the second one the guy told me that 8GB of ram is the issue, even though it clearly said 16GB in the dxdiag. Pretty disappointing.

I was playing the 1.7 test and it ran the best for me so far so thats promising. The current version just seems so inconsistent with fps drops and random stutters. Hopefully next patch can fix or make it better

I'm getting 30-40fps at times with the CPU and GPU at half load! (Here's me at 39 FPS, and you can see it's crept down over a minute or so...)

alt text

Meanwhile, over in Siege, solid constant 60fps with similar CPU/GPU usage!

alt text