Night vision fog and collimator scope

Hello, I played a test and am very pleased with the new update. During the game, I found a very unpleasant feature of night vision devices which consists in the fact that all collimator sights in them just become useless, they turn into a blurry mess of light, I suggest just adding a switch button for sights in the night (infrared mode) as it exists in these analogs Eotech and AimPoint I hope my proposal will be heard and implemented because from a technical point of view it is not difficult and it will become easier for players
The second problem is an incomprehensible foggy map in night vision mode (I understand that the game focuses on realism) but sometimes they just don’t see anything and I don’t understand why then if it’s easier to just take a flashlight

Yup. This is problematic. Aimpoints should be way less bright at night. They're useless atm.

I completely agree. This is why my personal favorite is choosing nightvision and regular flashlight in the loadout. Then I use NV for longer runs between checkpoints, and I switch over to flashlight only for when I either know or sense things are going to get hairy.
It's just too many things that make things get overpowered bright it just ruins the gameplay.