MP5s suck

Hello, I'm making this post because I feel that the MP5 in this game is not very well balanced.

It falls short in all categories: penetration, damage, and the one redeeming quality it should have, to make up for that in my opinion, would be low recoil and great hipfire capability. Sadly, the recoil on this gun is absurd, specifically the horizontal recoil. It makes the gun jump around like crazy, and it is nearly impossible to compensate for the horizontal part of it. Now, I'm not basing this argument around real life capabilities of the MP5 and that the in game version is supposed to match it, I'm saying that this weapon does crappy damage, with high recoil and extremely bad iron sights (please implement a sight like the on on the MP5k), and then its not even particularly cheap. And that's just not mentioning the fact that hipfire on the MP5 is UNUSABLE. It's just a bad choice every single time, and the horizontal recoil is so overdone that it's honestly a lot less fun to use than it could be.

My suggestion from a PvP standpoint is this: lower the horizontal recoil by a large margin (maybe add to the vertical recoil if it needs doing), and on top of that drastically lower the hipfire recoil. If you could make it like in beta, just for this weapon, I think it would be a great change to the MP5 because it gives it the distinct strength of being able to use a laserpointer the way it was intended, and I don't think it would be cancerous at all, just a great gimmick to the weapon.

Anyway I hope this reaches a dev because the MP5 is just not very good right now, and with the honey badger and AS Val coming It's honestly in need for just one single redeeming quality to be a viable choice for PvP.
Thanks for reading.

ye honestly all SMGs even are bad (other than the obvious snowflake that is the MP7)

the Uzi/Sterling/M3 are all the same gun with just some minor differences between them but overall useless compared to anything else and the MP5 is way better but still fall on its ass