Winch don't work properly 5.3

I was playing an online game as guest with the Navistar and one ramped flatbed trailer, I try to attach with the winch one sideboard trailer one the back of the other trailer but when the trailer was attached the winch start pull by itself and when i press F it detaches instead of pull.

Sorry but i can't made a video.

Actualization, the two trailers were i found the issue aren't mine, i try to replicate the problem buying the same trailers but with my trailers all work fine, the winch only fail when the trailers from other player and only in the combination truck+ramped flatbed trailer atached and you try to conect with the with the sideboar trailer, But if i change the order of the trailers all works fine.

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@treneroefc said in Winch don't work properly 5.3:

the winch start pull by itself

I've seen this in single-player as well. It seems totally random. Pressing & releasing the winch button stops the pull but thankfully doesn't detach.