5.3 with Transmission Mod corrupts files


I was playing just yesterday with this mod manually installed Realistic Transmissions for SnowRunner, but after the update today gear counts were messed up, one of my truck disappeared (not in garage nor any map), and truck store was all corrupted.
Tried reinstalling the mod, and restoring a backup of my "Storage" folder, but nothing worked. I'll just play without the mod for now, but it is kind of dealbreaking as this mod allowed a more realistic gear count and ratios.

Thanks and keep up the good work.

Why would you mod the test version of the game? It's meant to be tested, modifying it just defeats the entire purpose of it.

@JonRedcorn Because the stock xmls absolutely suck!

I wonder if this is why mine crashes when trying to change region via global map or even between maps within the same region.

I can travel via the tunnels fine though.

If you have some problem with the handling or addon pairing of some truck you should put a detailed explanation here, a lot of truck need some tweak and polish.
It is better for the moment to let the mod alone, there is already enough source to create issue.

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