First off let me start off by saying how much I love this game, so much fun, this game is the only reason I’ve even turned my PS4 on in over 2 years, that’s how much I love this game. which is also what is making all of these glitches SOOO frustrating.
Anyone know when the newest update on PS4 will be? I’m running 1.04. My vehicles, especially khan, keep going extremely slow, like literally barely moving, even on perfect terrain, then will take off like a rocket, then barely move again, and so on, just keeps going back and forth every few seconds, extremely frustrating, to the point where I don’t even want to play the game. That’s my biggest issue right now. Still having problems with materials going through my trailers. Also the camera toggle is all messed up as well, yesterday I drove by a regular scout trailer, never got close to it, and the trailer flew up in the air and across the map. I’m sure there’s many other glitches that’s escaping my mind at the moment, these are just the top issues that I can think of. The vehicles barely moving, then taking off like a rocket, then immediately going slow again, and the trucks that USE to have lots of power, now shift at the worst times and just stop moving sometimes, again on the best, most smooth terrain in the game, in area it should never ever have these issues.

So long rant over, anyone know when a newer update with real fixes is scheduled to come out on PS4 ?