Refil fuel from tanker trailer not working

I could not refil my truck from a fuel tank trailer I tried in front, behind, beside and even attached just wouldn't give me the refuel opton.

Also same happened with van body frame add on went on the fixer upper task and wouldn't allow me to fix the white western star, it only gave me the option to repair the truck I was driving.

Try exit to menu and|or to Windows and reload savefile.

@dids I did try a restart but it was still the same.

Here is an example. Refuel option is missing:

2020-05-28 (7).jpg

In the screen shot that trailer is one you found on the map or you bought it?

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@Raphael I found it. It's part of the current contract (Winter Stores). In the previous version it worked to refuel from those trailers. Repairing from this trailer works.

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In the end I went to Russia bought the Azov 64131 and dragged the white star back to the garage with brute force! Then I was allowed to switch to the white star and recover to garage but this don't help when the vehicle needs to be repaired on site. I tried the maintenance frame add-on and the trailer and both the van body and trailer neither of them work for repair or refuel and that was ones I purchased.

I testet it out on my Savegame, but everything works fine. Repairing, refilling from trailers (i bought them from the trailer shop) are working on the White Star (and on other trucks).

@dids Do you have fuel in your tanker?

There's an update released today, I haven't tried it yet but I will shortly. Maybe it's been cured, I know a couple of other people have had the same problem.

And the trailer was fully highlighted as it was full with fuel.

Those are two issues. One issue is that you cannot refuel anything from some trailers and second is that you cannot repair some trucks with anything.

White Western Star cannot be repaired until it's delivered to garage - until the task to unlock it is complete. So you have to tow it broken and it's quite complicated. It was possible to repair it first in production version and then tow it.

If you play from save you have this truck already unlocked and repairing of course works.

2020-05-28 (17).jpg

@UltimateDriver last night I was able to repair and refuel the western star twin steer, I don't know if the update maybe fixed the problem.

@dids It's different with different trailers and trucks. Twin steer may be ok but White Western Star on the picture just cannot be repaired until you tow it to the location near the garage to finish the task to unlock it for the first time. You have to tow it damaged and with empty tires.

@UltimateDriver yeah I had the same problem with the white star! I used the Azov from Russia in the end i pulled it up the hill like it wasn't there at all! It's a shame that focus didn't give the option to replay missions on the test version to go back and check if bugs are fixed instead of having to start a new game.

I had the same problem with a similar trailer. I think that trailer is from a mission and that's why it does not allow you to refuel from it. I tried to sell it, that's how I found it was necessary for a mission. I think certain mission trailer do not allow you to use their functions.