Trucks taking damage when switching to them

It happened to me a few times and I unfortunately can't reproduce it.

From the map, I clicked on a truck and selected it (pressed Enter or "X") and when I get into the vehicle it took damage.

On one occasion, it was the super long truck on the "Island lake" map (if I remember well) and it took so much damage, I could not drive it.

Quite annoying I must say.

@JemHadar_666 Same here. Lost a tire on that truck when I switched to it.

To avoid that kind of trouble try to find a place to park where the ground is flat without mud or big pile of snow otherwise th truck will have a tendancy to spawn a bit in the ground.

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Same, I was in my truck parked in the end of a road and went to the garage to take another truck, one player try to use my previous truck and the floor eat the truck, when i change back to the eated truck the other player try to winch me and the winch sent him to the stratosfere

alt text

maybe my issue was because sync problems between my game and the other player game

Trucks are burying their heads in shame.

I think this is a result of the truck having been sunk in the mud / objects pushed out of the way when you parked it. When returning, objects and terrain returned to normal and physics take over damaging the truck.

No, it’s just a preview of upcoming DLC: TunnelRunner!

Happens to me single games too. As I told, solving transparent trailers will cause the collision model to go crazy.
The worst part is that it may hit your steering wheel FFB very hard. The problem is that it is so powerful and unexpected. They definitely need to fix it before release.