First impressions of test version

Just downloaded it today for the first time. Been playing the main branch for the past month. Using wheel & pedals.

The good:

  • Now can winch and switch camera mode with wheel buttons.
  • Cargo & large rock collision much improved!
  • Wheel preset is now properly reloaded on game start (no more refreshing needed). <-- This is now broken in 5.4!
  • In driver view, I can now point the camera down, click, and the view will stay that way as the mouse cursor disappears.
  • Mission complete music now plays even with music volume set to 0 (that's how I wanted it).

The bad:

  • Game crash on exit. <-- now fixed
  • Mouse cursor still visible continuously while in external mouse view (intermittent).
  • Unable to click on anything in functions menu if it was brought up from the mouse view with the cursor off. <-- new issue
  • Still unable to use wheel buttons to control camera.
  • Custom wheel button for map still doesn't exit map.
  • Changed key binding for functions menu prevents crane from attaching to cargo (had to revert key bindings). <-- new issue
  • Obstructing crane controls panel still present while using crane.
  • Distracting fuel highlighting still present on closest camera zoom.
  • Wheels still go through fallen trees & small rocks (intermittent).
  • Wheels still twitch when suspension bottoms out, especially with heavier loads.
  • Engine sound still fades out at light load just above idle.

I'm also hoping to see support for manual shifters, though I understand that may take time.

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I've been using manual shifters ish. It is mapable but only for L-, L, L+, A, H, R. While nowhere near good enough, the manual shifter is supported.

@zenrene I should clarify I was speaking of standalone shifters (separate USB device).

Ah, thats strange. I would have thought it was usable, i'm using logitech g29 with shifter.

@zenrene Your shifter is built into the wheel or connected to it, right? That would explain why yours works.

Regarding the reloading of the wheel preset, there's still a problem. The gear bindings don't get reloaded, at least in my case. I assigned the gear functions to the d-pad on my wheel. Those don't work after reloading the game. What's worse, refreshing the wheel preset is now more difficult. You can't switch to another and back to custom. You have to cycle through the entire list of presets.

Regarding the mouse cursor problem, I've found that what triggers the cursor to stay visible in the mouse view is going to the game's menu after loading the saved game or doing some interaction in a trailer store. I hope this feedback can be useful. @Jellyfoosh

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